About Us

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. is proudly owned and operated by the Arnold Family. Our family takes pride in continuing the growth of the company as the 3rd generation steps into the business. We Buy, Sell and Process all metals from ferrous to non-ferrous. Our company takes pride in providing top-notch service to all of our customers. We are situated in Corfu, NY; our 50 acre site is home to robust, expanding business which ships scrap to mills in Canada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio throughout the Northeast and beyond. Our company also takes pride in safety of our employees along with customers by providing safety equipment to customers and with a radiation sensor to help keep radioactive material out of recycled material and disposed of properly to keep everyone safe. As our company grows each year, we always remember that the one thing that has remained constant over are 50 plus years of operation is: Customer service- for buyers and sellers of all types of scrap.

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